Soda Stereo, the trio composed of Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti is considered one of the greatest Latin-American rock bands of all time. Argentinian in origin but widely appreciated across the Spanish speaking world, Soda holds a special place in my heart. Their farewell tour was the first ever “real concert” I ever went to: eight-teen year old me was one of the 80 thousand plus people that gathered in Estadio Nacional de Santiago to listen to the trio's last hurrah.

Soda started their career anchoring their sound on classic rock but evolved into synth heavy, mind-bending, ambiance-creating rock. Their style is recognizable across all their discography, composed of great guitar riffs, drums that give songs forward motion and sticky music motifs.

This is my favorite hour of Soda Stereo music:


Bill Evans during rehearsal for BBC Television's _Jazz 625_ series, London, 1965. David Redfern.

Check out my Spotify playlist of (most of) Evans' music ordered chronologically (+1100 songs, 101 hours worth of music): The Quiet Genius – Bill Evans

“I believe that all people are in possession of what might be called a 'universal musical mind'.” – Bill Evans

I've been reading “Bill Evans: How my heart sings”, by Peter Pettinger (Yale University Press) Considered one of the finest jazz pianists in history, Evans' story is breathtaking. From his humble origins in Plainfield, NJ to his career in New York at the Village Vanguard and his European concerts (Paris, London and Switzerland being very prolific for him).


Mondo Grosso, big world in Italian, Shinichi Osawa's other stage name is a band that I have cherished for the longest while in my obsession with Acid Jazz / Rare Grooves (or to everything related to Soul, Funk and R&B, really). Famous for his DJing skills, Osawa embarked on a musical adventure with Mondo Grosso – my interpretation is that the band's name hints to the fact they would be exploring sounds outside of Japan – that lead him to publish under his own record label and to collaborate with people like Monday Michiru, N'Dea Davenport (who has also sung for The Brand New Heavies) and Tania Maria. They produced some of the most iconic acid jazz, indebted to its roots in Funk, R&B, American Disco and, Brazilian Samba.

Here's my Mondo Grosso Spotify playlist and below you will find some of my comments on ten of my favorite Mondo Grosso songs.


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'How is it possible that these guys are not ultra famous?' was the first thing that came to mind on a cold winter morning of 2020. I was listening to 'AM Waves' – Young Gun Silver Fox's album released in 2018 – a mixture of new sounds made old, with a West Coast aesthetic that reminisces 70s pop, rock & soul.

AOR or Yacht Rock is what this is, a genre that in it's purest form evoques the sights of sandy beaches, cliffs, blue oceans, convertible cars on an open highway with a cold breeze that combs your hair. This is the place, paradise if you will, where both Young Gun Silver Fox and Mamas Gun have taken me as we sheltered in place for months.